Following Lord Kitchener's 'Call to Arms' in August 1914, the working classes quickly signed up.  Men from the small farming communities of Cambridgeshire were amongst the thousands of men from across the country who volunteered in the early stages of the war.

Men of Morden follows the story of the First World War as it unfolded through the Battalion diaries and family accounts of those from Guilden Morden who died.  Drawing on extensive research of the pre-war political, social and economic landscape, Men of Morden paints a graphic picture of Edwardian Britain and explains why, when war was declared with Germany in 1914, men rushed to sign up in their droves.

This large coffee table style hardback book (441 pages) has been beautifully illustrated throughout and is packed with detailed accounts of many of the pivotal battles of the Western Front.  It has been produced as a limited publication to commemorate the centenary of the end of the war that was supposed to end all wars.

Each copy of this limited edition book has been numbered and signed by the author and costs £35 plus £5p&p.  To order a copy please email menofmorden@outlook.com



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Julie Robinson is a keen genealogist, having studied her family history for many years.  Working close to the iconic ceramic poppy display at the Tower of London, which marked the centenary of World War One, she was inspired to research the war memorial at Guilden Morden, near Royston in Cambridgeshire, where her Great-Great-Uncle and other members of her family are commemorated.  Following four years of painstaking research, carried out almost exactly one-hundred years to the day from the start to the end of the war; which included trawling through trench-stained and often illegible war diaries, contacting the relatives of those who had served, and a trip to the battlefields of the Western Front, Men of Morden was produced.



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